Why Empire is a new form of arts community designed to create multimedia content and experiences.


Our team starts by providing all kinds of on-demand production management support to our collaborating artists: from performance to visual art, and studio projects to live events. Whenever an artist needs another set of hands to get their project done, we’re only an arms-length away. By working with artists in varied fields, Why Empire is fostering an environment where artists can connect and create with one another as well. Finally, Why Empire brings together all of its artists and their art forms by producing multimedia compilation projects and live artist showcases in addition to curating its online gallery. Thanks for taking a look!

Who We Are

We’re the millenials of NYC, from Bay Ridge to Riverdale. We’ve laughed and lost in the city, running through the years chasing tomorrow like we’re homesick. We’re post-hip and post-irony: we want to build a city that’s more open, less lonely, and brighter than the one that made us. We’ll leave our memory along the way, growing as we go.

Our Beliefs

Red Velvet and Bone Broth are marketing ploys. Slacking off is ok on Thursdays. Every person is different and worthy.

What We Do

Why Empire looks at the shrinking space between art, media, marketing, and curated experiences, understands them critically, and unapologetically tears them down. A collaborative forum for talented artists, creative thinkers, and people who get shit done: that’s Why Empire. The more people we connect with, the more goodness we promote, the better we are.


Music Studio

If you are interested in booking time at our music studio in Long Island City, use this form to contact us for our studio rates, backline, and services; or email us at studio@whyempire.fm Our studio is located at: 47-32 32nd Pl. Long Island City 11106. Times are available 24/7 if you book far enough in advance.

RATES (professional engineer included):                                                                                  Hourly -- $40                                                                                                                      Daily (up to 12-hours) -- $250                                                                                             Bulk rates available for longer hours.

Don't hesitate to reach out! Come create with us!                                                                                        (For all other inquiries, please email us at staff@whyempire.fm) 

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