Creative Collaboration Potluck #1

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Creative Collaboration Potluck

A snap from the end of the night.

A snap from the end of the night.

With the help of The Entropy Experiment, Why Empire hosted its first Creative Collaboration Potluck at the same midtown loft that hosted our launch party. The dinner hosted creatives of all kinds within the Why Empire network with the goal of facilitating creative collaboration and imagination. By uniting creatives in all fields, Why Empire believed it could create something truly special.

The tall and open loft was styled with colorful art from both professionals and elementary students, fitting as arts and crafts supplies were splaid across the apartment. The high white walls led to a giant three-pane window overlooking an industrial, but busy 38th st. As soon as guests stepped into the apartment, they were greeted by three piles of construction paper, each a different shade of purple. Guests were asked to pick a shade of purple and write down a word, phrase, or inspiration that had been stuck in their mind, then tape it to a windowpane. With furroughed brows and wry smiles, creatives dug into their brains and came up with original and inspirational words. By the time all the guests had arrived, there was an artistic wordbank pasted to the window that covered ideas from ‘game’ to ‘tathata’.

The wordbank set the backdrop as creatives fueled each other’s ideas over pizza and an especially delicious salad. Energy spread across the room as visual artists learned about corporate art opportunities, brooklyn socialites conversed with harlem rappers, and club DJs introduced themselves to DIY-venue heads. We really felt a true collaborative and creative spirit in the room.

After some drinks and maryj, Why Empire gathered the group to explain the Creative Collaboration activity we had planned. Each guest grouped up with anyone who chose the same shade of purple as them at the beginning of the event. Each group received their wordbank (all the words written on their shade of purple) and Why Empire asked the groups to work together to create an artwork inspired by the word bank. After a bit of confused sorting, everyone had found a group and was anxious to get their hands dirty. Teams quickly started rattling off ideas, trying to pin down a path forward. Collaborative keys like teamwork, open-minds, and imagination were in strong showing.

A whole bunch of creativity later, each group had completed their artwork and was ready to present it to the other groups. The ‘dark purple’ group had written a Hip Hop/R&B song focused on their wordbanks’ themes which featured a sick a capella from rapper TARO at the end. The ‘light purple’ group went a more visual direction, each creating their own artworks that incapsulated their words and then taped their pieces together to create an impacting, unified piece filled with symbolic imagery. The last group created a social game centered on their words that everyone at the event could play together. It featured sharing stories around the themed words and downing a shot of bourbon if you couldn’t come up with one. Eventually, this last artwork transitioned into all of us simply drinking and sharing stories in a big circle, which wasn’t a bad way to close out the night.
            We hope some of our guests made new connections and found some actionable inspirations coming out of the dinner. Keep your eyes peeled on your email for an invite to the next one.

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