Dillon Cooper - D.ILL.ON1 (Rec. @ Why Empire Studios)

| Aidan O'Connor Source.

"This is D-I-double-hockey-sticks... and I'm on..."

"This is D-I-double-hockey-sticks... and I'm on..."

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One of the most popular songs to come out of Why Empire's music studio in Long Island City, "D.ILL.ON1" pays homage to New York's hip-hop roots. Dillon Cooper rips a classic New York, 90s Hip Hop beat while invoking the spirit of the great Corleone (Big L, shouts out to Harlem). MC Coop cuts up the track with swift syllables and mesmerizing rhyme schemes that leave us especially excited for his next project.



P.S. The Why Empire studio is steadily getting filled with more and more talented artists! If you're an artist and want to get in there, reach out to studio@whyempire.fm! We've got professional engineers and guarantee our rates for time are lower than anything you'll find in this city.

Dillon Cooper