| Aidan O'Connor


First Born Son titled after the literal translation of TARO's Japanese name, is a city tale that embodies the bittersweet spirit of urban life. The seven tracks are a cohesive and intimate journey through TARO's life and development in the midst of the city's beauty and turmoil. The lyrics, delivery and arrangement of First Born Son have the emotional impact of a passionately haunting and evolving film noir. All songs are written and performed by TARO, with friend and collaborator Julia Lesser assisting on the project's closing track, "Eve Romantique." The EP's instrumentals were produced by another newcomer, Brooklyn-based producer Succ1nct. The project was recorded and released by Why Empire with Jimmy Lit assisting with executive production.

The opening track, "BQE,should resonate with New Yorkers, who will instantly recognize the image of driving along the famous expressway and seeing the Manhattan skyline suddenly loom large. "Greatness" pays further homage to New York by celebrating its infamous subway system, while "Price of Lovepaints a candid look into TARO's reflections on his past. "Eve Romantique," the finale of First Born Son, has a sweet and nostalgic air that captures TARO's experience of growing up in New York City .

First Born Son is available as a free download on his Bandcamp: